Green Meadows Park

Creating a brand identity, website and photographs for lodge retreat, Green Meadows Park

Brand Identity

We created a brand identity that showcases a sans serif typeface in uppercase and a hand drawn icon that replicates the lodges at the retreat.

Website Development & User Interface Design

We created a website that showcases information on each lodge, how to book a selected lodge, the available facilities, customer reviews and contact information.

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We created a set of photographs to be used on their website and social media accounts. We produced the photographs at the lodge retreat located in Fitling, UK. Focusing on shots of the lodges from a distance and up-close, as well as the interior inside the lodges.

Other Work

Working on a brand identity and staff photographs for digital marketing agency, Green Ginger Digital

Working on a website for Bali based bungalow resort, Salty Breeze